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The return of the wolf 

Graduation project Master Interior Architecture Research + Design

After an absence of 150 years, the wolf has made her return to the Netherlands. By doing so, she is making us rethink the way we have designed our landscape. In the Netherlands, nature and animals are only allowed to live in fenced areas; this confinement of species contributes to the extremely low biodiversity of the country. Wolves aren't held back by fences and roam around where they please. This natural interference shows us that in order to live in harmony with nature, we have to question our human behaviour.  

We don't know how it is to live amongst wolves. We base our feelings towards the animal on negative emotions that originate from old folks tales and paradigms. Before we can transform our landscape into a suitable environment for all living organisms, we must reassess our feelings towards the wolf. To start this paradigm shift, Noëlle Ingeveldt has created a cross-media immersive experience that tells the wolf's tale. The animated story is told using both historical and current media imagery and footage.

This project was on show during:


- Art Rotterdam Week 2021 at the Hofbogen,

- Dutch Designweek 2021

- Gelders Doek november 2021 in Movie theather Focus in Arnhem.

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