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The return of the wolf  

Rediscovering Nature's Narrative

With the resolute return of the wolf after a 150-year absence, the Dutch landscape faces introspection and transformation. In a land where nature and its inhabitants are confined by fences, biodiversity suffers. Yet, unimpeded by such barriers, wolves roam freely, offering a compelling lesson in harmonious coexistence. This natural intervention compels us to question our human behavior, to reassess the boundaries we impose upon ourselves and the wild.

In response to this paradigm shift, Berkveldt crafts a cross-media immersive experience that weaves the tale of the wolf. Through a blend of historical and contemporary media, an animated narrative unfolds, transcending time and bridging the gap between past, present, and future. Within this artistic exploration, fences fade into the realm of imagination, as a speculative vision emerges, revealing a world where humanity and nature are intertwined without constraint.

"The Return of the Wolf" invites us to embrace this transformative journey, where the echoes of the wolf's return resonate, urging us to reconnect with nature's harmonious rhythm. Together, we embark on an artistic odyssey that rekindles our bond with the wild, fostering a landscape where fences no longer divide, and the wolf roams freely once more.

This project was exhibited during Art Rotterdam Week 2021 at the In-Between, Dutch Desingweek 2021. The film was screened at Movie Theater Focus in Arnhem during Gelders Doek in 2021. 



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