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The Crayfish Invasion

Ongoing research about the propagation of the American Crayfish

Since 1985, the Red American Crayfish inhabits the Dutch waters. The animal was imported

for our consumption and has dominated our waters ever since. They propagated quickly and because they keep getting introduced into new waters by men, they managed to expand into millions all over the country. The physical impairment of the original water systems and the load on these systems with nutrients has recreated perfect living conditions for these

 freshwater lobsters. Due to its invasive nature, the animal brings the ecosystem even further out of balance. This is not only a problem in the Netherlands but in every continent except Australia and Antarctica. During my research I went along with biologist who are conducting research on the Crayfish in the Westland. I purchased an alive crayfish that was meant for food consumption, and he has been living in my house ever since  where I can study his behavior

and he is the main character in the animations.


The ongoing research is told through a science fiction drama


This project was made possible by the M.I.A.P. foundation with the future of nature grant.

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