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The Crayfish Invasion

Ongoing research about the propagation of the American Crayfish

"The Crayfish Invasion" delves into the unsettling reality of the Red American Crayfish's pervasive presence in Dutch waters since 1985. Initially imported for consumption, these creatures have established dominance, rapidly propagating and expanding their population into millions across the country. This invasive species has wrought havoc on the fragile water systems, exerting a detrimental impact by disturbing the natural balance.

This profound ecological disruption extends far beyond the Netherlands, afflicting continents worldwide, with the notable exception of Australia and Antarctica. Immersed in this research, the animator embarks on a compelling journey alongside biologists investigating the crayfish in the Westland. Adopting an alive crayfish, originally intended for consumption, as a resident observer in the animator's home, forms the central character of the animated narratives.

Through the captivating medium of science fiction drama, "The Crayfish Invasion" unravels the ongoing research, shedding light on the intricate behavior of this invasive species. It serves as a poignant exploration of the wider ecological implications and prompts reflection on humanity's role in disrupting delicate ecosystems.

Made possible by the M.I.A.P. foundation with the future of nature grant. 

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Presented at: Stoep Stories 2022, Sexyland 2022, MIAP future of Nature Exhibition at the Wageningen University & Research 2022. 


With the help of: Bram Koese (EIS Kenniscentrum) and Julia Jansen. 

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