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Onder zes meter zand

Documentary about the expansion of Europoort

Especially after the Second World War, when society was captivated and focused on reconstruction and economic advancement, the area changed rapidly. Increasingly large oil tankers and giant container ships navigated towards the port more frequently, which initiated an expansion in western direction. 

Two villages, Blankenburg and  Nieuwesluis, and natural reserve De Beer were irradicated and buried under six meters of sand.

This destruction, however, was nothing more than a minute detail. With this documentary, as a filmmaker, I wanted to investigate how the Port of Rotterdam and the City of Rotterdam acted and what

the consequences of the destruction have been.

The documentary includes interviews with: Ed Buijsman writer of: Een eerste klas landschap and birdexpert Gerard Ouweneel.

Guided by Studio High Rise Rotterdam. 

In collaboration with filmmaker Juriaan van Berkel. 

Aired at RTV Rijnmond

Publication AD: link

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