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Onder zes meter zand / Under Six Meters of Sand

Documentary about the destructive expansion of Europoort

"Under Six Meters of Sand" presents a compelling documentary that exposes the profound consequences of rapid industrial expansion of the Port of Rotterdam in the aftermath of the Second World War. Focused on reconstruction and economic progress, society witnessed a dramatic transformation of the area. With the increased frequency of large oil tankers and massive container ships navigating towards the port, a westward expansion was initiated, resulting in the obliteration and burial of two villages, Blankenburg and Nieuwesluis, as well as the natural reserve De Beer, beneath six meters of sand.

This seemingly inconspicuous act of destruction carries far-reaching implications. The documentary meticulously unravels the actions taken by the Port of Rotterdam and the City of Rotterdam, illuminating the consequences of their decisions. Through insightful interviews with Ed Buijsman, the author of "Een eerste klas landschap," and bird expert Gerard Ouweneel, the film offers a nuanced perspective on the environmental and societal impact. Originally broadcasted on RTV Rijnmond and showcased at TENT Rotterdam, the documentary serves as a thought-provoking exploration of the intersection between industrial progress and its lasting legacy.

In collaboration with: Ed Buijsman, M.I.A.R.D, Olivier Otten and Flip van Schil. 

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