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Necrosonic Landscapes

Exploring the Transitional Realm Between Life and Death

‘Necrosonic Landscapes’ is an artistic research project exploring the transitional realm between life and death.

Berkveldt documented the decay of a deceased roebuck using two piezo microphones (contact microphones) and one directional microphone, capturing the audio from the decomposition process. Not only were the sounds of decomposition recorded, but also the sounds of all the animals that benefit from the carcass. The metamorphosis in the soil was made visible by periodically sampling the earth beneath the roebuck. These samples were filmed under a microscope, revealing all the microorganisms benefiting from the carcass. The results were merged into a singular audiovisual installation. 

‘Necrosonic Landscapes’ showcases the life that emerges from death, highlighting the importance of death in nature and offering a new perspective on the cycle of life and death.

'Necrosonic Landscapes' was exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2023.

Made possible by Bio Art Laboratories and CBK Rotterdam.

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