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Dead and Alive 

Revealing the Eternal Choreography of Nature's Decay and Rebirth

In our often sheltered existence, the presence of deceased animals rarely graces our vision. Yet, within the sacred embrace of nature, death yields life, nourishing myriad flora and fauna. Through the deliberate decomposition of a fallen roebuck within the terrain of Bio Art Laboratories, the intersection of death and biodiversity was unveiled. Employing an intricate tapestry of 16 cameras and photogrammetry software, the intricate nuances of this transformative process were rendered visible. The resultant revelations were skillfully interwoven into a contemporary fairytale, employing the language of costumes to convey profound truths. By exhibiting this enigmatic creation within the Symbiosene forest of Bio Art Laboratories, the boundaries between reality and fantasy dissolved. Immersing viewers in the embrace of death, we sought to cultivate an understanding that transcends fear, inspiring an embrace of death's intrinsic role within nature's realm.

Exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2022 at Bio Art Laboratories, Museum Jan Cunen and the Ijsselbiennale 2023.

This project was created with the help of: Elke Wenting (WUR), Jeroen Helmer (Ark Rewilding), Stichting Afhandeling & Monitoring Fauna-aanrijdingen. 

Made possible by: Bio Art Laboratories Eindhoven, Stichting Stokroos. 

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