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Bear Country

Reimagining Coexistence and Preserving History.

"Bear Country" embarks the viewer on an engaging artistic research journey. This thought-provoking project delves into the European bear population's resurgence and its potential migration to the Netherlands, fostering crucial discussions on cohabitation between humans and wildlife.

Through meticulous artistic research and close collaboration with biologists, conservationists, and ecologists, Berkveldt unveils a transformative odyssey. Immersed in European landscapes, the artists engage with shepherds, beekeepers, and farmers, gathering invaluable insights into the delicate interplay between humans and bears.

Delving into local museums, Berkveldt uncovers historical artifacts, immersing themselves in the rich heritage of the region. Additionally, paying homage to the bears that ventured from Italy to Germany and Switzerland, the artists employ advanced 3D scanning techniques to immortalize these iconic animals, visiting multiple museums in the process.

"Bear Country" emerges as an artistic inquiry that bridges perspectives, inviting contemplation on harmonious coexistence and preservation of the bear's legacy. Through their visionary exploration, Berkveldt fosters a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics between nature and humanity, inspiring a collective consciousness rooted in respect for the wild and the preservation of our shared heritage.

In collaboration with Olivier Otten and Otto Calmeijer Meijburg.

This project is made possible by the Stimuleringfonds Talent Development Grant and the Cultuurfonds.

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