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Artifacial landscape


During the lockdown, I spent many hours in my studio; alone. This isolation comes with loneliness that automatically created a confrontation with yourself over time. My world and thus the new landscape in which I found myself became smaller and smaller. In order to broaden my horizon as a designer, I have used my self-image as a basis to create a new artificial landscape.
For a class at the Master Interior Architecture Research + Design, I made a three-dimensional agave

model of my face and placed it in a glass cube, so that my image was placed in isolation and isolation. The burden of the lockdown and the accompanying pressure seemed to have an impact on me, as an artist, but also on the model.
Ultimately, the sculpture was a breeding ground for my own creativity, but it was also inhabited by ants and various plants germinated in it. I captured this process of growth and transience in a photo series,

images that thus become self-portraits, lockdown self-portraits.

After the head had almost completely disappeared, I made a plaster cast of this. I have projected the process of transience into the void that has arisen in the place of my face.

Teacher Ephraim Joris


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